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No matter how new you are to the filmmaking journey, we want you to feel part of this world and fall in love with it, just like we have. Whether it serves as a conversation piece or a stepping stone to your dream career, we hope you love this book and find it helpful. Go out there, dreamers!

Let's make more movies!


Get Reelisms was born from our shared love for filmmaking. 

Every filmmaker starts somewhere! We sure did. The first day on a film set can be scary.  We remember being yelled at for not knowing common film terms or on set protocol. 

Now, as veterans on film sets around the world, we have helped to train many people. We wanted a fun and easy to read book to help walk any one interested in films to understand the complicated film set lifestyle.


Imagine showing up on the first day of a film set and getting asked to grab an apple box and flag. But instead of staring blankly, you smile and know exactly what is needed because you read Get Reelisms!

Digital Interactive Download

Going green! Try our interactive Get Reelisms e-book! Click around and find some hidden content.

GET REELISMS contains 100+ film set terms, unofficial set etiquette rules, and a bunch of other film set insider secrets that will help you navigate and succeed on a film set. It is a book for anyone who wants to know about or already has an obsession for  "set life."

Get Reelisms Team

  • Christine Chen

    Christine is an Academy qualified film producer, director and writer. She fell in love with filmmaking the first time she got her hands on an early addition VHS camcorder in 1993. Christine has a B.A. from Rice University as well as a MBA from the University of Texas McCombs. When she is not filming, Christine enjoys watching movies and empowering other female creators.

  • Jason Cates

    Jason Cates is a life long Austin area artist that has worked with Moth to Flame films primarily as a set sound recordist. He is also the creator of Derelict Ink a monthly zine featuring poetry and prose. Vile Trash Poet is his branding for his sound exploration studies with synthesizers and sampling.

  • Kellie Penna

    A native Texan who moved to Austin shortly after graduating college, Kellie cut her chops in the run and gun indie scene in Austin, doing all things art. 6 or 7 years later, each project gets bigger and better. Kellie is a full time production designer in the film industry. She has been on almost every Christine Chen film.