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At LFN, we are committed to empowering each other and cultivating a community where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Join us as we create an environment where you can be heard and seen.

Behind every great film is a filmmaker who dared to take a risk.


  • Bryan Wolfinger

    Bryan Wolfinger is a well established photographer and award winning cinematographer, who has worked on over 40 short films, written and directed 12 short films, the Cinematographer of 5 feature films, and gaffed for Cinematographer Christopher Walters for 2 features.

    Bryan understands how art and filmmaking can help influence others, as it has influenced him with great morals from films as to be selfless, motivated, and honest.

    He believes that his experiences and education will help him as he continues on in his endeavors to help others through storytelling.

    Bryan has been a tremendous supporter of the LFN community, hosting live sessions and participating in panels where he shares his expertise.

    His contributions are helping our community become better filmmakers. We are fortunate to have Bryan in our LFN family.

  • Justin Wu

    Justin Wu is a multi award-winning Toronto-based TV director, photographer, creative director, and speaker.

    After foregoing a conventional career in the sciences and business, Justin began as a photojournalist and scouted as a commercial & portrait photographer. Living and working in Europe with the likes of Vogue, Elle, and GQ, Justin became an internationally recognized artist within the fashion industry with a keen eye for visuals and storytelling. From photography, Justin quickly transitioned into filmmaking.

    Justin Wu has been a significant supporter of the LFN Network, showcasing his series "Behind the Action," which teaches filmmaking to creators. The series has received millions of views across our platforms. We're grateful to have him as a mentor in our community.

  • Julien Jarry

    Julien Jarry is a distinguished cinematographer specializing in documentaries and commercials. With a passion for visual storytelling, Julien has made significant contributions to the industry through his expert craftsmanship and creative vision.

    Julien is a steadfast supporter of our LFN community, he consistently shares behind-the-scenes insights, along with valuable tips and tricks, enriching the knowledge and skills of fellow enthusiasts and professionals alike.

    We are grateful to have him as part of our LFN family.

  • Kris Truini

    Kris Truini is a filmmaker, passionate about telling stories with a powerful impact, mixing visual effects with cinematic storytelling. His film journey began at the age of eight when looking through the viewfinder of a cheap disposable camera sparked a new perspective on life, offering an escape where he could create his own world. That feeling has only grown stronger over the years, shaping who he is today and driving him to continually explore and learn new things about himself and his craft. As he develops projects, he also dedicates time to creating filmmaking tutorials, sharing his knowledge to help others on their own creative journeys. For Kris, filmmaking is not just a profession—it's a lifelong adventure he is eager to share with the world.

    We are thankful to have Kris as part of our LFN family, and appreciate his contribution to our community. You can find his Cinema Packs on our Marketplace!

  • Hanningtone Azangu

    Hanningtone is an amazing filmmaker based out of Kenya who specializes in creating captivating corporate commercials that resonate globally.

    With his unique vision and storytelling, he consistently delivers impactful content that leaves a lasting impression on audiences. Hanningtone's dedication to his craft and unwavering support for the LFN community have been invaluable over the years, inspiring and uplifting fellow creators. We deeply appreciate his love and support, which has enriched our community in countless ways.

  • Kieran Hodges

    Kieran is an international award-winning filmmaker who specializes in off-grid adventures and expeditions, travel films, documentary making, and inspiring branded content. He is a multi-skilled director, camera operator, and CAA-qualified commercial drone operator.

    From ice fishing in the Arctic to scaling desert dunes in the Middle East and hiking volcanoes on the Pacific Island of Vanuatu, Kieran is a passionate explorer who thrives behind the camera, no matter where the next project takes him.

    Kieran has been a significant contributor to the LFN community, and we are grateful for his support throughout the years.



We connected with Runner Studios in Nigeria and turned their dream into reality, giving them their first experience on a real set.



Our private LFN network event exceeded all our expectations. The event had a fantastic turnout, with attendees traveling from Atlanta, Washington DC, and Florida, enriching the gathering with a diverse and dynamic atmosphere. The event's memorable moments were beautifully captured in these photos, showcasing the fantastic experiences shared by all. The event featured a private chef, sponsored lighting giveaways, a Step and Repeat, Red Carpet, and the main attraction – The Glambot!

Sponsored by Motion Picture Association, Nanlite/Nanlux



We collaborated with Cinema Junkies to introduce Module 1 of the Specialty Motion Workshop, focusing on cameras and gimbals. The event was hosted by Cinema Junkies and proudly presented by LFN. The Masterclass was led by Dehaven Camera, delivering an exceptional workshop on gimbals with the Ready Rig.

Five tickets were generously given away to our community members, offering them the opportunity to delve into the world of cameras and gimbals.

Guest speakers: Cinematographer Justin Jones and Camera Operator Pedro Guimaraes, SOC, shared a wealth of knowledge with the attendees, enriching the learning experience.



    LFN joined NYLFF as partners. We were honored to host a panel to discuss how social media has transformed filmmaking marketing. Our panel explored how digital and social media have democratized marketing efforts for filmmakers, making it more accessible. We delved into the ways filmmakers can leverage non-traditional marketing methods, such as social media, to effectively promote their independent projects and establish a market presence as creative professionals.

    To enrich the conversation, we had the privilege of inviting some of our social media marketing experts to join us.

    Partnering with the New York Latino Film Festival was a great honor, providing us with the opportunity to connect with our community members in person.

    Surprisingly, we had some amazing people who flew in all the way from California, to meet us and show their love and support, especially for those who couldn't attend our previous panel. The love and support from the community were truly remarkable!


    The LFN team was invited to the American Black Film Festival as panelists to discuss the power of social media. The panel was presented by Motion Pictures Association. We explored how aspiring filmmakers now have access to an incredible world of educational resources at their fingertips. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and others are actively turning younger individuals into filmmakers every day. We addressed important questions, such as how social video is changing the broader video landscape, whether social platforms are creating the next generation of professional filmmakers, and, for indie filmmakers, how to best use social media to gain more attention, awareness, and funding for projects. It was an amazing experience engaging with the community, and the fun part was meeting filmmakers and creators from our community at the festival for the first time.


    The LFN team partnered up with the Creative Film Academy, where we had the opportunity to speak and connect with upcoming creators and filmmakers from across the globe at the CFA Panel in Miami, Florida.

    Filmmakers traveled from various corners of the world to meet us in person, including attendees from Venezuela, Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and numerous other countries. During our session, we discussed the power of community, highlighting the growth and initiatives of Learn Filmmaking Network.

    As proud partners with the Creative Film Academy, meeting a diverse array of filmmakers was a pleasure, and we were genuinely inspired by the stories they shared.

Founder of Learn Filmmaking

Gabriel Alexis is the founder of Learn Filmmaking Network, a filmmaker, producer, and innovator in his field. He has dedicated his life to inspiring and supporting creators from all around the world.

Gabriel's expertise in producing, digital media, and editing enabled him to thrive in various film-focused endeavors. His diverse passions have led him to work on TV shows, films, commercials, and music videos, catering to a wide range of audiences.

Gabriel’s impact on society continues to grow. His dedication to providing opportunities, knowledge, and inspiration to the next generation of creators is a testament to his unwavering commitment. Learn Filmmaking Network, his most significant contribution to the filmmaking industry, has revolutionized the way creators can access resources, eliminating traditional barriers and fostering an all-inclusive community. A platform for creators to learn, discover, and showcase their work. Through his platform, Gabriel has successfully built a community of over 900,000 talented creators, providing an alternative space for emerging and established filmmakers to connect and grow.

Alexis has created a lasting impact that will continue to shape the world of filmmaking and beyond.